Counter-Strike 1.6

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Enjoy battlefield with Counter-Strike in a multiplayer mode

Counter-Strike is a first-person action game which allows users to combat in a multiplayer mode with friends or with other people thanks to a local Internet network. It was originally created as modification (MOD) of Half-Life, the Valve game.

The game starts when the player selects a side to defend. They have to decide whether to be a terrorist or a counter terrorist, and fulfill the objectives of each group, such as deactivating bombs or rescuing hostages, among others. As objectives, missions will vary too, just because they are opposing forces. The game is over when all members of a team are eliminated by the enemies.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Features

Counter-Strike has graphs with good quality and in high-definition. This, as well as its realism and processing speed (it does not require a lot of computer resources), makes this game stand out from the rest. It also allows players to chat within the game. Counter-Strike games modes and tricks are performed using both keyboard and mouse.

Counter-Strike offers a wide variety of weapons. Arsenal can be found on the sceneries or by paying them. Besides, each character has own abilities.

Players’ contributions

The storyline is set in 20 different maps developed by the game creators. However, there are lots of new sceneries designed by players, available to everyone to download them freely from Internet. This widens and enriches playing experience.

Similar software

If you are a Counter-Strike lover, then download Counter-Strike Zombie 2. There, you will have to eliminate zombies. There are multiple playing modes; however, some of them require micro-payments to be unlocked.

Other alternative if you enjoy battlefield is Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is also a First-Person-Shooter (FPS) game set in the Cold War.


With Counter-Strike, players will enjoy intense online realistic combats in multiplayer mode, having a wide variety of weapons, characters and maps to choose.


  • Great players’ community
  • Realistic and high quality graphs
  • Wide variety of weapons


  • Good Internet connection required
  • Lack of a History mode



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